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Is it really worth the hype?

As many of you know, Iíve been reviewing a lot of site online and people seem to find the info helpful so Iím going to keep it up with my review of myhotbook today. The first time I go to a site I like to look at a couple things including the overall layout and the organization of the pages. With myhotbook I noticed the layout was very aesthetically pleasing while the organization wasnít quite there. I felt like I was looking at an online hub of people that was a little disorganized and hard to navigate through. That being said, the quality of the members on the site was a lot better than I expected.

The site wasnít exactly what I expected and I actually met a girl I knew from high school on there. It was kind of funny because my expectation was to check it out and write a review, but when I noticed this girl Sarah there, my intentions started to change. I donít want to get too far into my own biased opinions and my own stories but I should tell you how I met Sarah on myhotbook to begin with.

A couple weeks ago I checked out the site and started writing about it. The first paragraph mentions some of the notes I took. While I was navigating, I was able to do a query of the top rated users within a 10 mile radius. It was from that search that I found Sarah as the second or third girl down. Whatís funny is that I didnít even recognize her, despite knowing her for so long. She was listed as single and so I decided to get the membership just to get in touch with her. I paid my dues, which werenít that bad by the way, and I contacted her. She looked completely different than what I remembered. Back in high school we called her Sarah the Bearah because she was very big and could be viscous at times too. Per her online pictures, she looked like a princess and it wasnít until the third or fourth conversation that I realized it was her. She was just as shocked as I was to find someone she knew on the site. Truth be told, we were both a little embarrassed but we got over that fairly quickly.

Though we hadnít dated, it was kind of like talking to an old girlfriend and we hit it off immediately. As it turns out she is a corporate executive with a fortune 1000 company in the area that happens to be one of my clients. I am a business owner and I do research for consumer advocacy as well. We decided after our first phone conversation to meet up. We met at a coffee shop and she looked fantastic. I felt so bad about the way she was treated back in high school but she mentioned that it only made her stronger. Since we met, weíve decided to become exclusive and sheís talking about moving in with me in the coming weeks. Although it may seem fast, we both donít have much time to waste as weíre both in our late thirties and also want kids at some point.

The point of that story wasnít to draw you into my personal life, but instead it was to let you know that you can find love on myhotbook even though you may not be going on the site for that purpose. It is set up in a way that is kind of difficult to find people, but once you do, it is really easy to stay in communication. They have instant messaging and webcam capabilities on the site. One of my favorite features is their own version of poking that keeps you updated on who may be flirting with you.

Overall, I give the site 3 and a half out of four stars. The only recommendation I have for is to make your searches a little easier to navigate through and also show more search results per page. The way its set up right now, you can not search per a personís body type nor their hair color. You also can not see more than 10 profiles from a search. It gets kind of annoying when you donít see someone you like right away. In those cases you have to go from page to page to page. It could take 10 new pages before you see someone you like and thatís only one hundred. I love everything else about the site. Obviously I am a little biased to my wonderful experience, but I will say that the site is definitely worth the money and I recommend it to anyone looking within the genre.